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Tibet Sky Village Foundation

What does Tibet Sky Village Foundation do to help?

Tibet Sky Village Foundation seeks to alleviate some of the hardships the villagers endure while ensuring they maintain their self- sufficiency and agency.

We are currently in Phase One of a long-term project to support water, sanitation, and health improvements. More urgently, we are working to supply and fund the local community with emergency shelter and housing.

2015 Earthquake Tingkhye

You will likely recall the terrible 2015 earthquakes that rocked Nepal, destroying a vast number of homes and leaving thousands dead. While the people of Nepal have thankfully received some degree of aid in their recovery effort, their Tibetan neighbours have garnered comparatively little attention.

This harsh reality for many rural Tibetans is represented in Tingkhye, where five families were left essentially homeless following these natural disasters.

Since that time, the Chinese government has provided shelter assistance to Tingkhye’s displaced residents in the form of emergency-grade tents, which they have lived in since the first earthquake struck in late April of 2015.

Reconstruction efforts

All supported by local community volunteer labor—have begun, but they are slow, halting and difficult. Many have crowded into the limited shelters available—and many remain displaced. Many others are incurring increasing personal debt as they struggle to regain their footing.

What is the Emergency Housing Effort?

We’re asking for your help to support a limited emergency housing measure that will complete three permanent, multiple- use structures before the end of summer.

Why is this time-critical?

We need your help—of any kind, in any amount—to get $10,000 USD to Tingkhye. Previous funding from other sources has been delayed. Due to Tingkhye’s remote location and poor roads, transport times for missing and essential supplies can require several days. We are seeking to complete this emergency housing (and livestock enclosures) before the onset of winter or the September monsoon season begins to render some routes impassable.

What can these funds really accomplish?

Using local stone, reclaimed lumber, and a limited purchase of new construction supplies, we can provide safe “good enough’ residential housing for three extended families as well as enclosed protection for their livestock.

How will my donations be used?

100% of all donations received go directly to Tingkhye for material assistance. No administration, fundraising, wire transfer, or other fees/costs are deducted.

Who administers and disburses funds?

All donations will be received, disbursed, and accounted for by Lobsang Wangdu of the Tingkhye Monastery (established c.1384). All funds will be forwarded by scheduled wire transfer as they are received.

What about labour costs?

With the exception of a full time construction foreman who will receive a $300 stipend for the duration of the project, there are no labor costs. All work is performed by the community on a volunteer basis. The foreman is paid solely to help to offset loss of summer earnings for this full time responsibility.

How will any unused funds be used?

Any unused materials and funds will be applied to additional structure completion and community improvements. Tibet Sky Village will publish summary reports and photographs online and to its contributor mailing lists as work completes.